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What is B-DECIGO?

B-DECIGO is a space gravitational wave telescope aimed at realizing the stage before DECIGO. Although the baseline length of B-DECIGO is 100km, which is one-tenth of the size of DECIGO, we aim to achieve observations as early as possible that cannot be made with terrestrial gravitational wave telescopes.


Objectives of B-DECIGO
B-DECIGO can observe gravitational waves generated from black-hole and neutron-star binary coalescences over almost the entire space. Besides, new observations not possible with the terrestrial gravitational wave telescope can be performed, such as by observing several months before the binary merger and predicting the merged time and position in advance. It also aims to unravel the mystery of galaxy formation by observing coalescences of black-hole binaries with an intermediate mass of about 1000 times the solar mass.


Design of B-DECIGO

B-DECIGO has almost the same configuration as DECIGO except that the distance between satellites is as short as 100km, and the size of mirrors and satellites is smaller. Therefore, the technology implemented in B-DECIGO can be used almost directly for DEGIGO.